Space Age Fruits?

Any investment in your health is a frugal move. Doctors’ visits, prescriptions and time off of work are costly. Keeping yourself as healthy as possible can increase your bank balance and your enjoyment of life. I recently received some Crispy Fruit snacks from a company called Crispy Green ( These snacks are basically like potato chips when it comes to the crunch factor and “snackability”. But, instead of being made from high calorie potatoes, they are made with fruit like peaches, apples and strawberries. These snacks are low calorie, all natural and have no sugar added. The fruits are dehydrated and are delicious. The strawberry snacks are my favorite.These miniature freeze dried strawberries are as sweet as candy! My least favorite flavor is banana. But, to be fair, I don’t care for bananas in the first place. You can get these snacks from Check them out!


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