Have Fun Frugally…

This blog post is about having fun on a budget. Life without a little fun is not worth living. So, let’s get into the post.

  1. Instead of using the gym, check out the local community center in your city. In my city, it costs only $25 per year for an adult membership. I can use the pool and the fitness room whenever they are open. It is a great deal. A regular gym or even the YMCA would charge me triple this price every month. These recreation centers are also great for classes. Instead of going to commercial studios to learn art, music or dance, you can get the same classes for much cheaper. They teach both children and adults. It costs about $30 for group music classes in my city. These classes last for 3-4 months. For the same time period, you can get private music lessons for about $100 per “semester”. Conventional vocal music teachers will charge you about $20-$30 per lesson (if you are lucky). Recreation centers are a great place for getting fit and learning new things for cheap.
  2. Your local library is also wonderful for more than just books. They have free computer classes that can teach you how to use a Mac or use Photoshop or Excel. They also have free events for people of all ages such as outdoor movie nights, ethnic festivals (complete with food) and Sci Fi fests. Of course, you can always check out books or DVDs for free too.
  3. Instead of going to the movies in the evening, catch a matinée. Shows before 4pm are generally much cheaper than later shows. Also, if you go to the first show of the day, it is often even cheaper than regular matinées. You can catch the “Early Bird” (first movie of the day) showing of all news releases for $4.15 in my city.
  4. If you want to travel, consider the bus instead of airplanes. I know you are thinking that the buses are dirty, dangerous and full of crazy people. But, going from A to B is never really pleasant whether you catch a plane or a bus. Either way, you cannot stretch out fully to sleep and there are rude passengers.The bus is cheaper, they often offer free WiFi and you don’t have to deal with the TSA. Greyhound is not the only bus option. Wanda Coach, Bolt Bus and Megabus are other low-cost bus transportation options.
  5. People watching is free. Go to a local college campus or mall on a nice day. Pack a snack, find a bench and just watch the people going by. It can be fun watching them walking their dogs and going about the business of living their lives. It can be interesting and you can’t get cheaper than free!

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