Dairy Free Foods?

As I have said before, looking after your health is one of the most frugal things that you can do. Medical bills and lost productivity from illness have pushed many people to bankruptcy. I have been concerned about some of the hormones in milk. I have also wondered why we are the only species who drink the milk of another species (especially when we are well past infancy). I have been seeking some non-dairy alternatives to American favorites. I was recently sent some WayFare dairy free cheeses. They are so creamy and easy to cook with. They melt quite easily which was a pleasant surprise. I have tried to cook with non dairy cheeses before and they usually don’t melt.

I used the cheeses to make an American favorite: macaroni and cheese! I find this cheese alternative is much easier to cook with. It melts better and has the perfect consistency for mac-n-cheese and nachos. To make the macaroni and cheese, I simply put a handful of macaroni noodles in a microwaveable dish. I covered the noodles with water and microwaved the dish on high for 10-11 minutes. I then drained off the water using a colander. I took a few spoonfuls of cheese and put it in the dish. I microwaved the dish for 30 seconds. I stirred the food and then added a few more spoonfuls of cheese and microwaved for 30 more seconds. I added paprika and sea salt and then stirred again and the dish was ready! Now that is what I call fast food! It was delicious and healthy.

Way Fare cheeses make it super easy to make healthy and tasty dishes for those who have concerns about traditional cheese for whatever reason. Go to https://wayfarefoods.com/ and give it a try. They also have other dairy-free favorites like butter, cream cheese and pudding. The products are gluten and soy free and cholesterol free. Check out https://wayfarefoods.com/ and make an order. I am normally a cheap skate who tries the cheapest of everything. But, your health is something that no money can buy. It is something that I—and other sensible people—are willing to spend a reasonable amount of money to protect.


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