Yes, my blog’s title has changed…it’s still me!

I changed the blog title to reflect the fact that the blog is changing. I have decided to stop having so many “all over the place” topics from contact lenses to gardening. I am going to focus this blog on being more frugal. Once you are financially stable, you are not a slave to the time clock on a cubicle farm.

Having a more focused point can help me get new subscribers in order to grow this blog. We will still talk about beauty, life, health issues etc. The only difference is that everything will have a thread of frugality/saving money running through it. I said it from the beginning that I wanted you all to live your best life. That really cannot happen on a cubicle farm. The more you save and make smart choices, the better your life can and will become. There is nothing more precious than freedom!happy face


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