Actual Health Food At Dollar Tree!

People talk all of the time about how hard it can be to eat healthy on a budget. Many cheap foods (like gigantic $1 bag of chips) are not healthy. What to do? Once again, it is Dollar Tree to the rescue! Below I review a few healthy items that I have personally tried. Add them to your diet today and eat healthy for only a buck! I have added links so that you can see how the product looks.

1. Generic Non Aspartame Sweeteners: This is undetectable from the regular Splenda ( It is an excellent buy. Ditto for their brand of Stevia(it looks just like their fake Splenda. But instead of a yellow box, it is in a green box).
2. West Soy Plain Low Fat Soymilk ( It tastes fine. I enjoy the mild flavor because I prefer non-dairy milks. It comes in a shelf stable form so it does not need refrigeration until you break the seal. This might come in handy if you go camping or are otherwise in the need for shelf stable “milk”. Brand name soymilk in a similar container retails for about $2.99-$3.99 at many grocery stores.
3. Village Farm Oatmeal ( It cooks up the same as brand name oatmeal. I make mine in the microwave when I am craving oatmeal.
4. Frozen Blueberries and Other Frozen Fruits: These are excellent as dessert. You just warm them up in the microwave for about a minute so it is still somewhat frozen and then sprinkle sugar over it. It is a great healthy frozen treat. Other people whip them into smoothies. You can also put it in the aforementioned oatmeal. Similar (but slightly larger) containers of frozen fruit retail for about $6.99 at many grocery stores. dollar-store fruits

What are your favorite cheap and healthy finds? Let us know in the comments section!

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