Only Fools Make Their Own Contact Lens Solution? Right?

Earlier this year, I had an issue with the Clear Care contact lens solution. The neutralizing case was defective and the solution did not neutralize all of the way. This hurt my eyes. I had blurry vision and decreased vision…especially in my left eye. I find that those new cases (the blue and white cases) do not neutralize as well as their old gray cases. This experience emphasized the fact that store bought products are not always safer and superior. Clear Care is expensive. But when things work as they should, I feel that hydrogen peroxide based systems like Clear Care clean better. I would have never entertained the idea of making my own contact lens solution if it weren’t for my bad experience.

I searched Youtube and found a video of a man who has been making his own contact lens solution for a number of years. Here is the video: His formula is similar to Clear Care. Clear Care is really just hydrogen peroxide and purified salt. But, they are selling it for about $10 a bottle. The real powerhouse of these hydrogen peroxide systems is the case. The case is what neutralizes the peroxide into harmless salt water.

I purchased a 69 cent bottle of 3% hydrogen peroxide from a discount store. It contained 64 ounces of hydrogen peroxide. In his video, the man advises that we use 2 packets of Neti Pot salt per 64 oz. of peroxide. I had an unused Clear Care case from a sample that I had gotten from my eye doctor. This case would serve as my neutralizer. I purchased the Dollar Tree generic brand of Neti Pot salt (they sell of knockoff version of Neti pot products that they call the “Yeti” pot). I go home and prepare my solution. I pour the salt packet into my bottle of peroxide and shake it up gently. I put a sticker on the bottle so I won’t get it mixed up with my plain peroxide. That night, I rinse my contacts in the solution, put them in my case and fill the case with the peroxide. The next morning, my contact lenses are ready to wear. I experience no burning or isses. I have been doing this for about 10 days with no real problems.

Basically, if you include the price of the salt, you are paying about 80 cents per 64 ounces of this contact lens solution. You can get the Clear Cases separately online via Ebay or Amazon. Or, you can get them from trial sample packs of Clear Care. Each case can last for about 90 days. I am not a doctor and I don’t play one on TV. If you choose to try this, that is your choice. I am not telling you to do this. I am just telling you of my experience. The only issue I notice is that my lenses feel a bit dryer when I take them out of the solution in the morning. A drop of saline or rewetting solution clears that problem up fast though. This post is just food for thought…

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