Learn from my Indoor Gardening Mistakes!

I have restarted my indoor garden. Hopefully, it will be more fruitful than my last indoor garden. All I got was a from my indoor harvest was a big radish and a few beans! My biggest mistake was being penny wise and pound foolish with the soil I used in my indoor garden. Instead of purchasing enough potting soil, I decided to dig up some free dirt outside and use that to fill my pots. Well, that free dirt cost me big in the end because it was infested with fungas gnats which infiltrated my indoor garden and kept killing off my seedlings!

After a thorough cleaning and some new pots, my indoor garden room is back. I am using store bought potting soil this time and I am growing turnips, radishes and peppers. The turnip plants were just planted last week and they’ve already sprouted up tall and leggy which is not good. I have brought in a small fan to blow on them. This will simulate outside wind conditons and help to thicken the seedlings up instead of allowing them to grow long and flimsy. Also, I will boost the plants closer to the grow lights. I felt they were close enough already, but obviously they were not if they are getting so leggy. If I don’t see any improvement within a week, I am going to rip out the damaged seedlings and start over.

The other mistake that I made with my last indoor garden is that I waited too long to make a change. I did this in hope that things would improve given enough time. This time, if something does not improve after trying a few online suggestions, then I will move on to the next thing and start growing something else. Time passes quickly and it is too precious to waste on things that are not working!

leggy turnips

The leggy turnips!


My potted peppers!

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