My Meager Indoor Garden Harvest :(

If you all remember, I started an indoor garden a while back. Here are some of the fruits of my labor—radishes! Radishes are super easy to grow and very nutritious. A lot of my other plants did not grow well because I had an outbreak of fungus gnats. Those creatures carried a disease that weakened the seedlings so that they did not progress past a certain point. I got the disease by being cheap and trying to use free soil outside in my indoor garden when I should’ve just bitten the bullet and used potting soil. The gnats were in the free soil. I was penny wise and pound foolish in this case. Anyway, I have learned my lesson. After this meager harvest, I cleaned, sterilized, sanitized and got all new pots and potting soil. I have restarted my indoor garden and hopefully, this one will do much better! I am also getting ready to restart my outdoor gardens. We have had some uncharacteristically cold days so I am waiting a little bit longer to start the outdoor gardens. I plan to grow dwarf marigolds, bachelor buttons, radishes and several types of greens like kale, Swiss chard, spinach and loose leaf lettuce. Stay tuned!


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