Honest Tea Review!

I recently received some varieties of Honest (Just a Tad Sweet) Tea. They are certified organic. The company uses organic cane sugar, organic honey, Stevia and organic agave syrup as sweeteners instead of regular sugar. I understand that the teas are not supposed to be that sweet. However, that being said, they were simply not sweet enough for me at all. I added a packet or two of Stevia that I purchased from the Dollar Tree to my tea. I will probably do a review on the Dollar Tree Stevia later. The teas are actually very refreshing and thirst quenching. Unlike drinking a soda, you actually feel hydrated after drinking this. All of these teas are about 100 calories and are free of soy, dairy, peanuts, tree nuts, fish, shellfish, eggs, and wheat. The Green Tea flavor has only 70 calories which is the lowest calorie count of them all. I feel that the calorie count is a bit high for a tea that isn’t even that sweet. But, it could be worse as a can of soda is about 150 calories. My two favorite flavors are the Iced Tea/Lemonade blend and the Raspberry tea. We all have different taste buds. I like the tea but I don’t love it. You might feel differently. Check them out at https://www.honesttea.com/. You can purchase the teas I sampled at grocery stores nationwide. The glass bottled teas (which I haven’t tried) are carried in health food stores. Feel free to send the Honest Tea company an email if you are having trouble finding their products—they are always willing to help customers and are good about answering emails.

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