Review of Color Contact Lens Pure Colors in Amethyst

I have black eyes and I have been wearing color contact lenses on and off for about a decade. I must say that the “Pure Colors” brand of contacts is an excellent brand when it comes to comfort and vision quality of the non-toric lenses. They are even better than Air Optics Colors in comfort and vision quality (well, at least for me…everyone’s eyes are different). I wear contacts as both a medical device and as a fun accessory. I also have astigmatism, but my doctor at the time thought that the disease wasn’t yet bad enough for me to go into the more limited and pricey world of color toric contacts. So, he masked the astigmatism by giving me higher powered regular lenses.

Color contact lenses are not known for being natural looking–especially if you choose a crazy color like purple (which I did). But, all of that being said, I still think they look pretty natural for being contact lenses.

Let me be clear–you only get one set of eyes and that’s it. If you mess up, then it is game over. If you cannot afford contact lens solution or don’t feel like replacing them on a rigid schedule, then don’t get contacts. Stick to glasses–they have some really nice frames now. I’m not being sarcastic–that’s just the straight up and unvarnished truth. I would rather see you sporting some nice Ralph Lauren frames than see you go blind because you chose to sleep in contacts and reuse cleaning solutions. That is why the responsibility is on us to ensure healthy contact lens wear. Here are some tips.

  1. Wash you hands well before handling your lenses.
  2. Change your contact lenses out regularly according to the company’s instructions. My lenses should be disposed of after 30 wears.
  3. Follow the cleaning instructions on your contact lens solution bottle to the letter to ensure clean and healthy lenses. I switch back and forth between Clear Care or Peroxicare (a no rub solution that uses hydrogen peroxide to clean lenses) and regular no-rub solutions like Optifree Express. Even if they say no rub, I still gently rub the lens for abut 10 seconds before rinsing it. Don’t do the extra rubbing trick with any of the hydrogen peroxide based systems though.pure-colors-amethyst pure colors amethyst
  4. Have at least your first pair of contacts fitted by your eye care professional to get your eye’s base curve and diameter and the prescription power necessary in each eye. Armed with this information, you can get your lenses in any color you want online for cheaper than the doctor’s office. Just carefully follow the cleaning rules for your lenses and throw your lenses away when the manufacturer says so. I do these things and I have never had an eye infection, scratched cornea or any of the other horrible things that can occur when people do not use contact lenses–colored or otherwise–properly.

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