Little Life Hacks!

Hi. I am sorry that I am a little bit late. I was supposed to be a “Thursday Poster” and here I am posting in the wee hours of Saturday morning. Oh well!

This is a quick little post on Life Hacks. In my opinion, Life Hacks are quick little things to make your life simpler. Here are a few of my favorite life hacks.

  • Wrap eggs in aluminum foil before you boil them. It will keep the egg from oozing out of the shell and making a mess. It also makes clean up a bit easier.
  • To get rid of gnats, put out little dishes of vinegar and dish soap. Every day that you do this, you will see little gnat bodies floating in the containers. Good riddance and I don’t care how mean I sound. I cannot stand insects!
  • Use a can opener to open hard to open packages so that you don’t cut yourself.
  • When heating leftovers in the microwave, space out a circle in the middle so it will heat more evenly.

I hope some of these hacks were helpful.

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