Getting Paid to Shop Online? No, it is not a hoax…I do it all of the time!

I belong to an awesome site called Fat Wallet. You get paid for doing what you were going to do anyway–shop. You just visit their website, search for the store you want to shop at (i.e. Kmart, Target) and click on that link. A few days later, the money is in your account. The money is a percentage of what you paid the merchant.

Here’s a tip for you if you don’t like mail order stuff. Order from a store that has free store delivery like Home Depot or Walmart. Place your order using Fat Wallet as you would normally. When you choose delivery, don’t choose home delivery, choose to pick up your order at the store. It is much faster and more convenient than regular 3D world shopping and traditional online shopping. You’re already shopping online anyway (and with Black Friday and Christmas coming up) you might as well put my tips to use and get some of those $$$ back. Just click on the below link to get started.

Click on Me!

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