Adventures in Gardening…

I tried to start gardening this past spring. I planted watermelons, tomatoes and some different varieties of beans. However, nothing happened. The plants got to a certain point and then they just stopped developing. I think it might be the soil in my neighborhood. So, I purchased a raised bed and filled it with high quality soil that I purchased. The neighborhood stray cats seemed to think it was a litter box and they kept pooping in it. I tried all sorts of humane ways to get them to leave it alone but they kept getting into the box (even when it was covered…they just moved or tore through the coverings) and digging and pooping. The plants did not do well which is to be expected after being dug up and crapped on! So, I took down the box and have started another garden (this time a fall garden) on the bare soil underneath. I am growing cauliflower and broccoli which are supposed to be good fall crops. I leave a dish of food out for the cats on the theory that animals don’t poop where they eat. It seems to be working well so far. I have also started an indoor fall garden in my closet. I have made some planters out of old soda bottles and I have purchased some cheap dollar store pots. I bought some “clamp lamps” from a local hardware store and I purchased some CFL 100 watt bulbs for the lamps. Attached are pictures of the indoor fall garden and how I have it set up. Wish me luck! I need it….

A Pic of one of the clamp lamps

A Pic of one of the clamp lamps



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